pixie tip lift

In the case if patient has a hooked shaped nose, the practitioner can lift the tip of the nose to modify its appearance, giving it a more advantageous look. This type of procedure is also known as a Pixie Nose Lift or Pixie Tip Lift.

Nose tip lift filler

The nose filler shapes the nasal tip to create an aesthetic slope without making your nose appear more prominent. The nose lift filler is called ‘Tinkerbell Tip Lift’ or ‘Pixie Tip Lift.’ Complete Aesthetics & Beauty's experienced practitioners perform nose-tip lifting and non-surgical rhinoplasty for various nasal concerns.

Nose tip lift filler technique

During the consultation, the aesthetician will explain what you can expect from your nose tip filler treatment.

  • Our doctor will numb the area with a topical anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable treatment with minimal discomfort
  • Following numbing of the skin, tiny amounts of dermal filler are carefully placed to achieve an aesthetic nose tip lift
  • You should see immediate results with only minor redness and swelling that should go away in a few hours to days
  • Your nose tip filler should last  12–18 months

Treatment length and costs

45 minutes — £140

Treatment length and costs

45 minutes — £140
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