vitamin c

The vitamin C injection is also known as ascorbic acid injection.

Its functions are:

  • Helps protect cells and keeps them healthy
  • Maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartlidge
  • Helping with wound healing
  • Helps boost your immune system

For vitamin C deficiency, the typical injection dose is 200 mg once a day for up to a week. Wound healing effect 1 injection 5–21 days. For well-being, 1 large dose (500 mg) monthly.

The injection is intramuscular going in a safe area in the gluteus medius.


  • Kidney and liver problems
  • Pregnancy breastfeeding
  • Active acute treatment
  • Allergie to products

Treatment length and costs

20 minutes — £80

Treatment length and costs

20 minutes — £80
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