gummy smile

Gummy Smile is a very common problem where on smiling, a large area of gum can be seen above the upper teeth. Sometimes Gummy Smiles are genetic, and will run in a family. A small dose of Botox injected around the nose sorts this out. If you are frightened to smile as you are bothered about the heightened appearance of your gums then your life can be really affected.

Gummy Smile Botulinum toxin treatment

The goal of correcting a Gummy Smile is to achieve a more balanced smile that looks aesthetically pleasing. Botox has a muscle-relaxing effect. The aesthetician will inject the relaxer in the muscle responsible for pulling the upper lip too far when laughing so that it will relax more. This way, you will still have your signature beautiful smile, but with less visible gums.

Gummy Smile Botox treatment process

Before we start with your Gummy Smile Botox treatment, we sit down together and have a consultation. We take a look at your medical background and history and then decide what treatment would suit you best. Before we start the injection process, we take pictures of the area that will be treated.

The area will be thoroughly cleaned and specialist will then prick the areas to be treated. This fairly easy treatment usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes. There may be small red spots where you have been injected, but these are almost unnoticeable. You are immediately presentable after the treatment.

The muscle relaxer has a reaction time of 2 weeks.

Treatment length and costs

30 minutes — £100

Treatment length and costs

30 minutes — £100
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