liquid rhinoplasty


A non-surgical nasal augmentation can straighten out an uneven-looking nose bridge, septum or tip. Targeted filler (Extra II or Extra III) to a nose to correct a number of imperfections creates very pleasing results. Creating a straighter profile often has the benefit of actually making an uneven nose look smaller. 

Non lidocaine product Revalax is used as an alternative.

Some clients require more than one treatment to achieve their desired results, which can be untaken 4–6 weeks later. Do not massage the area as the product needs time to settle

A maximum of 0.5 can be added during one treatment for safety reasons. Although using cannulas reduces the risk of complications, should an occlusion occur a dissolve will be needed. Dissolve paperwork will be filled out at the time of the procedure in the rare occasions this is necessary.


Prior to any treatment being performed, a consultation is needed to discuss treatment aims and suitability. A medical history and consent form will need to be filled out. Photographs will be taken before and after the procedure.

How is the treatment performed?

A primer needle is inserted into the tip of the nose to make a small hole for the microcannula to be inserted. When in position, the product is filled to create shaping in the required areas. These non-traumatic cannulas reduce the risk of complications.

How long does it last?

Depending on your lifestyle and metabolic rate, this product can last up to 6–9 months although some people can still have product present up to 12– 18 months later.

Treatment length and costs

30 minutes — £220

Treatment length and costs

30 minutes — £220
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