sclerotherapy treatment

Sclerotherapy / Thread Vein Treatment (Fibrovein 0.2%)

Sclerotherapy is the well-established safe treatment of spider veins on the legs. Used for over 50 years on very small unsightly abnormally dilated blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin. Although they cause no physical problems, they can occasionally cause discomfort, on completion of successful treatment you can expect an 60–80% overall improvement of appearance.

Sclerotherapy is not considered a painful treatment.

Is the procedure permanent?

Small vessels will be absorbed by the body over 3 months and should not reappear. However, it is likely that new ones will occur in the similar area requiring further treatment.

How the treatment is performed

Tiny injections are performed with the client lying down. Small superficial injections with a tiny needle to inject a solution into the veins.

How many treatments are required?

This varies from person to person but 1–4 sessions

Post treatment

Research suggests that there should be some compression of the veins injected of 24–72 hours of non stop compression to assist the healing process. The area may look worse post treatment due to the needle marks. Bruising is normal and will take a few weeks of healing to see the results. The true effect is shown after 2–3 months. Swelling around the knee and the ankle joints can occur for the first 24 hours and raising the leg whilst sitting helps this settle.

Some darker areas may take up to 6 months to fade post procedure.

  • Walk immediately after treatment
  • Wear compression hosery
  • Avoid extreme temperatures for 2 weeks after treatment
  • Avoid sun 4 weeks
  • Avoid high impact exercise for 1 week
  • Avoid long haul travel for 6 weeks

Treatment length and costs

60 minutes — £255

Treatment length and costs

60 minutes — £255
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