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Nose tip lift or nose slimming

Do you like the shape of your nose, but do your nostrils flare when you make certain facial expressions, creating a nose that looks bigger than it is in reality? You can fix this with the flared nostrils Botox treatment.You can probably imagine what flared nostrils look like, it is when your nostrils widen while breathing, creating a broadened look. Your nose is opening more, sometimes making you look angry or displeased, depending on the person. A cartoonish look at it would be comparing it to a bull flaring its nostrils before attacking. No human will experience nasal flaring to this extreme, but it does paint a picture of the widening of the nostrils. Some find this very charming since it adds character, others don’t really like the look of it. As with every cosmetic and aesthetic look, opinions differ.

Flared nostrils Botox treatment

The objective of correcting your flared nostrils is to create a nose that does not broaden when talking, smiling, or performing other facial expressions.

Botulinum toxin which is a muscle relaxer will inject the relaxer in the alar portion of the nasalis muscle. This muscle is responsible for flaring the nostrils. The flared nostrils Botox treatment will relieve the tension in this muscle, which will stop the nasal flaring. 

Flared nostrils Botox treatment process

We take a look at your medical history and background, and then decide what treatment would suit you best. Before we start the injection process, we take pictures of the area that will be treated. The results of the flared nostrils Botox treatment will be clear as day when you compare the before and after photos.

We apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the area. The area will be thoroughly cleaned and the aesthetician will then prick the areas to be treated. We will use a thin, sterilised needle to inject Botox into the skin around the nose. 

Botox takes several days to take full effect, but you will see the initial results within 3 to 6 days. I will take up to 14 days to see the final results.

Treatment length and costs

30 minutes — £90

Treatment length and costs

30 minutes — £90
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