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Anti-ageing beauty treatment - Galvanic Iontophoresis

Galvanic Iontopherosis is a treatment made up of the application of current-sensitive gels to the facial skin and the use of positive electrical charges conducted by electrodes to allow skin-vitalising  products to be deeply absorbed by the skin. The gel contains products rich in collagen and elastin and this is helped to be absorbed by ionic manipulation (pulse and repel). The positive polarity of the galvanic current pushes active substances into the skin. Galvanic Iontophoresis is the use of galvanic current to benefits the skin’s ability to absorb moisturizing, soothing, decongesting, and detoxifying products. Iontophoresis helps improve skin texture by tightening and firming, refining the pores, reducing redness and the soothing of nerve endings through the application technique.

Steps for the treatment

The Galvanic Iontophoresis Beauty Facial Treatment is a technique that uses electrical current to enhance the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Here are the steps involved:

CLEANSING: Start by thoroughly cleansing the face to remove any dirt, makeup, or impurities. Use a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type and rinse with lukewarm water.

EXFOLIATION (optional): If needed, exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and allow better absorption of the active ingredients. Choose a gentle exfoliator suited for your skin and follow the instructions provided.

PREPARATION: Before starting the Galvanic Iontophoresis Treatment, it's important to prepare the skin. Apply a toner or facial mist to balance the pH levels and hydrate the skin.

APPLICATION OF A CONDUCTIVE GEL OR SERUM: To facilitate the conduction of the electrical current and protect the skin during the treatment, apply a conductive gel or serum evenly over the entire face. This gel helps the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin.

GALVANIC IONTOPHORESIS TREATMENT: Turn on the Galvanic Iontophoresis Machine and select the appropriate setting for the treatment. Gently glide the applicator over the skin, allowing the electrical current to stimulate the skin and push the active ingredients deeper. The direction of the movement should be in line with the muscle fibers.

TARGETED TREATMENT: Depending on your skincare concerns or goals, you can focus the Galvanic Iontophoresis Treatment on specific areas, such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, or acne-prone areas. Adjust the intensity and duration of the treatment based on your skin's tolerance and the specific requirements.

FACIAL MASSAGE: After the Galvanic Iontophoresis Treatment, give your skin some extra care and relaxation by incorporating a facial massage. Use your fingertips or a facial roller to gently massage the treated areas in upward and outward motions. This helps to stimulate blood circulation and enhance product absorption.

APPLICATION OF SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Once the massage is complete, apply any serums, moisturizers or creams recommended for your skin type and concerns. These will help lock in moisture and provide additional nourishment to your skin.

Treatment products and procedures

Iontophoresis is the propulsion of ionized cosmetics into the skin. The cells are nourished by the increased circulation and the skin benefits from the effects of the substances which have been applied to skin, eg energized gel.

The low-intensity dc allows the gel which contains therapeutic ingredients from plants, herbs and flowers known as electrolytes to be absorbed into the skin. The current charges the gel, and reacts with the skins natural electrolytes to break down the skin’s resistance and produce chemical changes when the galvanic current is passed through the skin barrier. 

The electrolyte, when introduced to water, partly splits and forms either positively charged or negatively charged ions. The effectiveness works upon the principle: “like charges repel” and “opposite charges attract”.

Products used: Conductive Gel eg: Priadara professional energise gel, sedate, control, quench

Client suitability

Galvanic Iontophoresis Treatment can be suitable for various individuals, but it is important to consider certain factors and precautions before administering the treatment, eg skin type, skin condition, allergies and sensitivities but its s generally suitable for most skin types, including normal, dry, oily, and combination skin. Galvanic Iontophoresis can be beneficial for various skin concerns, such as hydration, firming, brightening and product penetration enhancement. It can also be used to address specific skin conditions like acne or hyperpigmentation.

Contraindications and contra-actions

Contraindications: pregnancy, epilepsy or seizure disorders, pacemakers, metal implants, skin desise, open wounds or infections

Skin conditions: certain skin conditions, such as active acne lesions, rosacea flare-ups, eczema, or psoriasis, allergies or sensitivities, sunburn

Contra-actions: metallic taste, tightness, allergic reaction, galvanic burn, skin irritation or sensitivity, tingilling sensation during treatment

Treatment effects and benefits

  • Enhanced product penetration
  • Increased hydration
  • Improved circulation
  • Deep cleansing
  • Firming and toning
  • Brightening and rejuvenation
  • Acne and blemish reduction

After care and homecare advice    

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • No heat treatment
  • No make up
  • No swimming
  • Gentle cleansing
  • Moisturise regularly
  • Avoid touching and picking area
  • Follow up treatment
  • Maintain healthy life style and drink plenty of water

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy (Light Emitting Diode Therapy) is based on the principle that different wavelengths of light stimulate different responses in the skin. The most popular treatments are red and blue therapy. This technology originally developed by NASA and developed for shuttle missions found it had effects on wound treatments. Although this can be used as a stand alone treatment, used in conjunction with other skin therapies LED is a painless way to assist the growth of skin repair whilst the anti-bacterial qualities help fight causes of acne. This non invasive treatment is an ideal way to stimulate collagen production and wellbeing and refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Different coloured lights produce different affects. Most commonly used red light combats wrinkles, increases collagen production for smoother and younger looking skin. Blue light is used to combat acne by eliminating the bacteria that causes acne. Cyan light helps calm and soothe irritated skin by reducing the size of swollen capillaries.

LED Light Therapy helps with acne, ageing, dehydrated skin, inflammatory condition, pigmentation, rosacea, redness and flushing as well as skin tone and texture.

Treatment length and costs

70 minutes — £80

Treatment length and costs

70 minutes — £80
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