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Facial steaming is a popular skincare technique that involves exposing the face to steam in order to open up the pores and provide various benefits for the skin.

Skin Express is a 30 min mini facial

Here are some of the potential benefits of facial steaming:

Deep cleansing: The warm steam helps to soften and loosen debris, dirt, and excess oil that may be clogging the pores. This makes it easier to remove blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities from the skin.

Improved circulation: The heat from facial steaming increases blood flow to the face, promoting circulation. This can give your skin a healthy and radiant appearance.

Hydration: Facial steaming can increase moisture levels in the skin by opening up the pores, allowing for better absorption of moisturizers or serums applied afterward.

Relaxation and stress relief: The warm sensation of the steam can have a calming effect and help relieve stress, providing a relaxing experience.

Sinus relief: Facial steaming can also help alleviate congestion and relieve sinus pressure. The steam can help to loosen mucus and soothe nasal passages.

Facial extraction 

Facial extraction is a common technique used in beauty therapy to remove blackheads, whiteheads, and other clogged pores. It is typically performed during a facial treatment and involves manually removing the impurities from the skin. Here are some important points to know about facial extraction:

Professional treatment: Facial extraction is typically performed by trained estheticians or beauty therapists who have experience and knowledge in this technique.

Preparation: Before performing facial extractions, your skin will be cleansed and steamed to soften the pores and make the extraction process easier.

Technique: The therapist will use specialized tools like comedone extractors or gloved fingers wrapped in cotton to gently apply pressure around the clogged pore. This helps to loosen and remove the impurity without causing damage to the skin.

Hygiene: It is crucial that the therapist maintains proper hygiene during the extraction process. They should wear gloves and ensure that all tools used are properly sterilized.

Post-extraction care: After the extraction is completed, your skin may be slightly red or inflamed. The therapist will apply soothing products and may use techniques like cold compresses or calming masks to reduce any discomfort.

Finishing with a face mask according skin type and skin conditions.

Treatment length and costs

45 minutes — £55

Treatment length and costs

45 minutes — £55
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