Trichloracetic acid is used in this easy pain-free and effective skin peel. In two phases, this medically patented technology stimulates, revitalises and rejuvenates skin.

The BioRePeel exfoliates skin and kerolytises the top layer. The loosening of the corneocytic bonds stimulates reparative action by skin cells and promotes cell regeneration. 

Active ingredients stimulate skin replication in dermatological and biosynthetic processes and this counters skin damage produced by exposure to UV radiation and pollution. The ageing process and oxidative damage are also treated by the BioRePeel. 

The BioRePeel can counter the appearance of

  • ageing skin
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • hyperpigmentation
  • uneven skin tone
  • skin texture
  • acne and acne scars
  • enlarged pores and blackheads

The four components of this treatment are:

BIO: (Bio stimulation) this stimulates the fibroblasts activity and activates cutaneous proliferation. It achieves this by using the amino acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and vitamin C.

RE (Revitalisation) creates an anti-wrinkling effect and encourages the skin to look fresher, glowy and healthy. This effect is caused by the ingredients: GABA Arginine, Vitamin B2

PEEL removes the outer cells of the stratum corneum by melting the corneocytes adhesion bonds, revealing fresher, healthier and less congested skin.

LIPO Complex moisturises the skin so when the peel is removed it gives the skin a velvet texture.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

BioRePeel can be used on all skin types, from fair to dark, which is a result of developing the technique and products used.

Which area can be treated?

This peel can treat skin all over the body including sensitive areas such as armpits and areas with shaving shadow. The treatment can safely be practised all year round including the summer months. 

Is this treatment painful?

Although most do not feel this treatment, some have reported a tingling sensation. 

Why is this peel different to others?

This treatment has been developed to be extremely safe and effective and does not use many techniques implemented by other chemical peels. It does not require needles, is painless and does not leave the ‘frosting effect’ of some treatments. There are no post-treatment marks and no oxidisation or darkening of the skin a result. This is fast-acting peel with immediate results, leaving no skin photosensitivity, containing no ammonia, and is suitable for use in every season and on every skin type.

Recommended treatment course

Your aesthetician will assess your skin to work out the unique course that will help you to achieve the results you want. The standard recommendation is that after the initial treatment, between 4 and 6 sessions should booked for every 7 to 10 days followed by a maintenance package designed by you and your clinician with luminous, radiant skin results in mind!

Treatment length and costs

45 minutes — £90

Treatment length and costs

45 minutes — £90
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